Here we are again for week 3 of our Digital Marketing Tips. Your digital marketing strategy is vital to your online success. Taking 5 minutes to read these once a week can make a big difference to your online Brand!

11 Genuine Fans Are Best

We all know that there are a massive number of fake accounts on different social media platforms. They estimate one-third of your followers are not real people. More likely they are accounts created by SEOs to improve their clients’ rankings. A real sign of social media success is where your followers interact with you. Only in this way will you ever sell products or services to them. Also if they genuinely like what you have to say they will share it with their friends and hopefully gain you, new followers. People who pay money for fake followers have actually blocked themselves from reaching real followers. The people who can make their business a success.

12 Write Content Specifically for your Targeted Audience

‘Duh,’ I hear you say, but it is surprising how many companies (especially startups) just throw out any old bit of content writingtat and expect to build up a dedicated audience.

Your Digital Marketing strategy shouldn’t be all about sales. Everything you post shouldn’t have an advert buried in it. Try giveaways, amusing content & images, epic quotes from the main people in your area, and maybe a few Q&As timed to meet your audience’s needs. Once you can get your followers engaging with you they are much more likely to share what you are posting with their friends and associates.

13 Pay The Most Attention to Your Targeted Clients

Startups are inclined to get very excited and to try to reach out to the whole planet. As you are just starting your business you would be far better off aiming for the group that most of your business will come from. Too large an audience means that your message will get lost in the crowd, so to speak. Maybe you are selling to everybody but if you don’t decide on a certain age, sex, locality, etc to start at you will make much fewer sales than at a certain demographic. Once you have a good customer base you can then afford to widen your parameters.

14 Content is Still King!

I think one of the first articles I wrote as an SEO specialist was about how content was king. Even back in 2015, I wrote an article about what was necessary for SEO and this was one of the main points. Your content has to be interesting enough to engage your audience. It has to have enough detail to be able to be understood by search engines and long enough to be able to rank for keywords against your competitors’ content.

15 Post Regularly and On a Set Schedule

You shouldn’t need to be told this as we have been on the other side of this but you need to be able to keep up a consistent flow of content to keep your audience coming back to you. If you leave long gaps the are inclined to move on. If you can publish good content when they expect you to this can keep them loyal and your follower’s numbers growing. I have given the expected number of posts for the different platforms in last week’s Blog.

16 Don’t Be Afraid to Engage With Your Followers

A lot of companies ignore comments and especially complaints made by their followers and customers. I have seen clients use a business’s social media to try to complain to them. The person used every article the company had posted to make their complaint. It was obvious that the company had no intention of engaging with them over their problem. Because of the shoddy way they treated their client I didn’t use their services. With a company that had tried, I would have no problem using their services.

If for no other reason than good business sense, talk to your followers.

That is week 3 of our digital marketing tips. We still have a way to go. Hopefully, these will assist you in developing your digital marketing strategy.

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