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PNM Gardening and Tree Services Get a New Website

PNM Gardening and Tree Services


After setting up their business back in 2018 PNM Gardening Services decided to get online as much as possible in 2020. They approached us about this and we set up a plan of action.

Firstly, the website was designed, and once approved we made it live. PNM Gardening and Tree Services website is built using WordPress and a quick, SEO-friendly theme. 2 security plugins, a cache plugin, and an SEO plugin also come as standard in our builds. Depending on the competition levels of your business competitors, this may be enough to get you ranked on search engines. For most businesses, it won’t be enough!

Our second task was to set their Google Business page with their business details and areas that they were available to work in. Many people forget to do this correctly and lose out because of it.

Thirdly, we set up their Facebook business page. Depending on the business this can be a big plus. We know that the first inquiry came in only a couple of days after the page was set up! We are delighted to say that there have been several since.

Lastly, we placed PNM Gardening and Tree Services on some of the top directory websites. These include such as Golden pages and Yelp.

Simply building a website is more than likely not enough in the present day and age. Because there are so many you really need to go out and promote your business. Whether you are tweeting, sharing images on Pinterest, or Blog Posts on Facebook and other social media platforms, in order to be successful you keep needing to put out fresh, meaningful, interesting, and relevant info.


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PNM Gardening and Tree Services