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Should You Always Use The Latest Version of WordPress?

wordpress advice


WordPress Advice

I was recently contacted by someone seeking WordPress advice and they asked me this question:

Why should you always use the latest version of WordPress?

From the way they phrased the question I knew they expected a different answer to the one I gave them.

What we Advise about Using the Latest Version


They say you should, but actually, sometimes it is a bad idea! If you have your website sitting on an old server then it is unable to run the latest versions of WordPress. This means that if you update your whole site will crash. I have seen it happen. This is why you should always make a backup before working on a website.

There is also lots of people with old websites that were made using themes and plugins from several years ago. Many of these are now no longer being updated. Updating WordPress to the latest version while these are running your website would be a big mistake. Everything would go bye-bye!

If you are someone who has been seriously keeping everything up to date then you are better off with the latest version of WordPress. Even more so if ranking well is important to you.

If you rarely do any maintenance, don’t want to spend money, and haven’t been hacked and you are in a niche market where your website ranks even though it is ancient, you might be as well to just not touch it. We would suggest that you start putting some spare cash by. Think of your website as if it was a car. If you don’t service it, it will eventually stop, but you could get several years out of it.


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