Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

5 Quick Tips for Speeding Up Your WordPress Website


We all want our website to run faster. It raises our SERP rankings and reduces our bounce rate. Here are 5 very common issues that when addressed will help in speeding up your WordPress website.


  1. Your images are too large. Use the smallest size possible to cover different platforms. Lazyload is also good – only loads images as they are going to be viewed and not before.
  2. You may be running a video from your own hosting – DON’T! Use YouTube links or Vimeo etc. This uses much less of your website’s processing power.
  3. Your PHP on the server may be old. Use the most modern version possible.
  4. Too many plugins. They all have to be run before your website loads. Slows your website down a lot.
  5. Get a good cache plugin. First-time loading is still slow but after that, there is information stored on their device which makes loading almost instantaneous.

Another Thing to Do For Speeding Up Your WordPress Website:

Use Google’s Page Insights before starting. This can give you a heads up on what are your most important issues and how to address them



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Speeding Up Your WordPress Website