Has SEO REALLY Changed?

Has SEO Really Changed?

Over the years there has been many different ways and forms of SEO to successfully get your website ranked. For longtime SEO specialists, you will remember Keyword stuffing in all its many forms and styles. There is alsoseo backlinks from every sort of cruddy site and numerous other ingenious ways to push a website to the first page.

When I started back in 2008 doing Onsite Optimisation SEO for my own website I didn’t know any of these clever, ingenious ways for fooling the search engines into ranking my website on the first page. I used good content and keyword research to get there. Over the years this is what I have done for all the sites I have worked on.

As time has gone on, Google has been steadily blocking all the sneaky ways to get a website ranked. Most SEO experts have found it is now easier to just put the work in than to try fooling the algorithms. There is also the other option that Google would like you to take – PPC ( Google Adwords ) That has been there a long time too!

Of course, there have been some changes to the methods I use when getting a website ranked, but the basic core strategy has remained the same. Good keyword research. Good content and plenty of it, and maintaining a continuing working presence on any website I am responsible for.

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