Digital Marketing Tips (Part 4)

This is our fourth and final week for digital marketing tips. Next week we will hopefully have an article on a different subject to interest people who already know all about digital marketing and would like to read about something else. ( If there is something that is puzzling you or interests you email us and we will do an article about it.)

17: Smart Investing

For every business, there are different forms of advertising that work best. Newspapers, TV, radio are not dead by a long shot. Online advertising on search engines or social media can also be very successful. We suggest that you don’t jump in with every cent you have got in just one area. Take the time to see where your competitors are advertising. Are they advertising on the radio every month? Do they seem to spend a lot on Google PPC? Rather than putting all your advertising budget in just one area, it might be wiser to spread it around among the best marketing

18: Improve Your Landing Pages

When people click into your website they expect a nice experience. Your pages should be well considered with the user in mind. Easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, the information they require plain to see. If you are selling goods the images should be of good quality and plenty of them. For products with different sizes, colours, horsepower, etc they should be all explained and displayed as well as possible. If you are after paying for a client to land on this you want to do as much as possible to convert them to a sale.

Alternatively, you might be building up your email list and be using popups to attract their attention. If you can use a few of these you can see which ones work best to convert clients. Google Analytics can track these for you.

19: Try to use the (80/20) Rule

Time is always a killer in relation when it comes to digital marketing. There is never enough of it! At the start, you are going to try to use all the channels to bring in clients. You will pretty soon have run yourself ragged.  Do this for a short time, and then look at where your inquires are coming from. Normally you will be getting about 80% of your business from 20% of the channels. You would benefit more from concentrating on these. Keep the other 80% of channels going as well as you can but don’t kill yourself doing it.

Once you get successful enough hire someone to look after all of these. To run a successful business you will need to be able to delegate.

20: Don’t Forget About Your Digital Marketing

Many people start very well and bring in loads of new clients for their business. Because of this t6hey become too analysis, analytics, businessbusy and forget about their carefully built up followers. Over time their business drops off because once they start ignoring their followers their followers start ignoring them. To get the followers back is very difficult as they have already shown that the followers are just a means to an end and not important to the brand other than that.

At No1 SEO Ireland we hope that the tips we have provided can help you with your campaign. It is not easy to plan and keep up but perseverance can bring about your just rewards.

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