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Why No1 SEO Ireland should be the First Choice for your SEO Company

Established in 2014 No1 SEO Ireland has worked for companies from around the globe. While many of our clients are Irish, we can also include American, Australian, Finnish, and English in our client list. As a long-established SEO company, No1 SEO Ireland has the talent to get a website ranked locally or globally depending on the requirements of the client. We are the main choice for many SMEs in that we can relate to their business needs as a small business ourselves. Many larger SEO companies only consider what they can take from the client and not what they can achieve for them.

So, if you are from Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London, or New York, we can supply you with an SEO strategy to match your online marketing needs.

All of our SEO services, website development, and website management services are done in-house. We have found that the client appreciates the fact that they can talk to the actual person performing the services for them. Being able to talk with the client and discuss how a project is progressing is a major part of our business. Many clients recommend our SEO company for this very reason.

We are also very experienced website builders and have built many websites using the WordPress and Joomla platforms. Between them, these platforms have been used to build over 40% of the World’s websites so if you choose us to build your website you will be in good company.

Additionally, we have worked with Magento, Asp, Shopify, Squarespace, and many other customized platforms. We have always been able to improve the rankings of our clients or to build them the website they desired. (Check out our Portfolio page)

No1 SEO Irelands’ SEO experts and Web Design Experts can give you the website or rankings you need to make your online business a success. We feel that this is how an SEO company should interact with its’ clients!

Why is SEO so Important to Modern Companies in Ireland?

It goes without saying that for most businesses a good website can make all the difference. While a website is a businesses’ public face, without rankings that website is next to invisible. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gets your website seen. While it can be a slow process, once the traffic starts hitting your website in sufficient numbers, the ‘sky is the limit’. Many, many businesses owe their expansion and success to a great website that has been expertly optimized. This is why it is so important to choose the right SEO company.

Commonly asked SEO Questions

seo questions

  • Q. Why are all the SEO companies trying to sell me a monthly package?
  • A.  SEO is a major undertaking in high competition markets. To compete, a certain amount of time has to be spent EVERY month on improving your rankings.
  • Q. If I have the number one spot for my best keywords why do I need to keep paying for SEO?
  • A.  Just as you have knocked a competitor from the number one spot, someone else will do the same to you if you stop!
  • Q. Which is the best form of SEO?
  • A.  Back Links and Onsite Optimisation are the 2 main kinds, but we have found that a combination of both along with technical SEO, content creation, and a social media campaign is what is needed to succeed.
  • Q. Do Keywords still matter?
  • A. Yes, but things have changed. Previously you could stuff a page with the same keyword to make it rank. Now you need content that is both interesting and relevant to the keyword subject.
  • Q. Will moving my website to HTTPS affect my SEO?
  • A. Yes. It does improve it slightly but the biggest gain is in consumer trust. Seeing the Green ‘Secure’ icon can affect your conversion rate dramatically.
  • Q. Do Social Media links affect my SEO rankings?
  • A. Social Media backlinks are of little value to your rankings. BUT!!! A good Social Media campaign increases the traffic to your website raising its relevance to Google’s search engine and subsequently your rankings. Don’t ignore social media.
  • Q. What is Voice Search and how will it affect my SEO Rankings?
  • A. Voice search is the new way people have of entering their questions into Google. Rather than quickly typed short keywords you may now get complete questions. This means that your present ranking keywords may see a drop in traffic as it moves to the voice search keywords/phrases.

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How to Build Your Online Presence Without Spending More!

As your SEO company, we do not plan to reach the largest possible audience. What we do plan to do, is to reach your largest targeted audience! Rather than having everybody seeing your website, we try to get the viewers most likely to be converted into customers. (It is about keeping your bounce rate analytics down.) If you hire us to manage your PPC campaign you will find us mentioning viewer and ad relevance often.

This role was traditionally filled with advertising on television, radio, newspapers, and, of course in Ireland, the Golden Pages. It has become increasingly obvious that the internet provides a much larger potential customer base. When used correctly this will give a more lucrative ROI. It makes sense for businesses to recognize that the time has come for a change.

We recommend that businesses review their marketing strategies. What is not performing for them? By eliminating these they will have more than enough extra liquidity. From this, they can finance their online presence and massively boost their visibility. It makes good business sense when over 90% of people in Ireland use the internet to find products or services. They do this even if they know a provider in their locality!

Imagine that by taking the cost of one or two newspaper ads every month, you can build an online presence that may double or triple your turnover. Well, with the right SEO strategy and SEO company you can!

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Why Do We Say That SEO Services Pay For Themselves?

The reason we say that SEO services pay for themselves is that the increased traffic to your website should more than cover your SEO package cost. While SEO results are not immediate, after a few months you should be seeing greatly improved rankings. The increased traffic from these rankings is where you make your profit. Our affordable SEO company creates campaigns that are all aimed at getting the right kind of traffic to your website.

These rankings increase the number of potential clients/customers seeing your business. The R.O.I. should be many times more than the cost of the SEO services provided in order to make payingseo services the SEO company viable. Here at No1 SEO Ireland, we estimate that it normally takes our clients less than 6 months before their increased profits more than cover our fees.  Your profit margins should still increase monthly afterward and this is why SEO Services are so important to your online success.

Your more successful competitors are using SEO in its various forms, so why aren’t you?

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SEO Services and SEO Techniques Our Affordable SEO Company Provide


Mobile-Friendly Website Design and Development

PPC/Adwords Marketing/Paid Search Marketing

Website Maintenance

Website Analysis

Onsite Optimisation

Link/Backlink Audit Service

Toxic Link Removal

Backlink Creation/ Offsite SEO

Social Media Campaign/Offsite SEO

Content Creation

Website Development Training


Just for clarification, we have written a small definition of each of our website and SEO services below.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design and Development

When building a website No1 SEO Ireland ensures that our website developers use the lightest, most SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly templates. Upon these platforms, we can build websites to suit any business from electricians to shipbuilding. If a business comes to us with a website already in place we may sometimes recommend a rebuild due to underlying structural problems with the present website. (This is only in very rare cases where the website is starting to break down.) We will be more than happy to go through these reasons with the client.

A website rebuild is never a bad idea if you feel that your website could be performing better. We rebuild our own website from the ground up at least once every 2 years. It clears out any underlying problems from using an older template and generally ensures that the website works better with the ever-changing browser algorithms. This gives a better user experience and better SEO rankings. As we can use a lot of the present content in most cases, this can be done fairly economically.

PPC/Adwords Marketing/ Paid Search Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the quickest way to get potential clients onto your website. We use either search or social media Adword campaigns depending on which is most relevant to your business. The key to a successful PPC campaign is to ensure your conversions more than cover the cost of running the campaign. If you were spending €1,000 per month and only making €800 a PPC campaign wouldn’t make sense.

At No1 SEO Ireland we study your competitors’ internet marketing campaigns and also the keywords with the most likelihood of ensuring the best return. By improving the quality of your landing pages we can decrease the amount you need to bid and dramatically improve your chances of making a conversion. Page quality has a major role to play in our Online Marketing campaigns. That this is an added benefit to clients’ improved search engine rankings is just another benefit we provide.

Website Maintenance

Every business should be regularly updating the information on their website. There is nothing so likely to turn a potential customer away as to come across a piece of information that is badly out of date. An example would be offering Halloween goods just before Christmas. By not keeping your website up to date you can easily turn people away. No1 SEO Ireland is happy to perform your website maintenance at a set price or we can offer you monthly packages.

Website Analysis

Most people coming to us for website analysis are mainly interested in the SEO factors. These factors include page speed, image size (and whether they have been optimized), menus, titles, content, meta descriptions, internal and external linking, inbound backlinks, and social media. We will also be checking for GZip compression, caching, minifying CSS, onsite security, PHP version, and HTTPS.

All of these factors are going to affect your website and its rankings and we believe in offering our clients the SEO services needed to get the best results.

Onsite Optimisation 

For your website to rank well you need the correct groundwork. For onsite optimization, your content needs to be great. Your headings and menus need to be right, and all your images and videos need to be optimized. Your pages need their internal and external linking done in the correct manner. Also, preferably you will have a blog.

For us to deliver great onsite optimization we have to conduct keyword research. From this, we choose the best SEO search keywords to deliver the searches most likely to convert to sales.

Take Ecommerce for example. What good would it be to have a potential customer arriving on one of your sales pages looking for a product completely different from what you are selling? We ensure that when we are optimizing a page/product we do so for the correct keywords.

Optimizing for Local SEO is a little different from optimizing for a global campaign so we will always ask what markets the client wishes to target.

Link/Backlink Audit Service

Often ignored we believe auditing is one of the most important SEO services. Your links and backlinks that connect your website internally and externally need to be checked regularly. This is to ensure that they are not broken. SERP bots regularly check your website and having broken links negatively affects your rankings. We can find these broken links for you and repair or replace them as deemed appropriate.

Toxic Link Removal

For no apparent reason, you may start losing rankings. Everything is good on your website and technically it is all working very well. The problem can be a toxic link. Nearly always this is when the company has bought cheap links from a bad backlinks source. If you do nothing your rankings will continue to drop and eventually your website may not show up at all on the search engines. We can address this problem for you and get these links disavowed.

Backlink Creation/ Offsite SEO / Link Building

We have found that the best form of backlink creation is creating content and posting it on websites as a guest blogger. Also, by creating informative content which can be used and shared by other bloggers you can increase your backlinks. We have also found that by adding your information to online directories you can receive more traffic and gain backlinks in this way.

Social Media Campaign/Offsite SEO

We have found that by having a strong social media presence your articles get shared more. This increases traffic to your website improving your rankings and gaining you new sales. The larger you following on social platforms the better.

Content Creation

Content creation is probably the most important part of online success. All content creators are always trying to create a piece of content that goes viral. Not only will you see an avalanche of traffic to your website but the subsequent deluge of great backlinks will have your rankings rocketing up.

Website Development Training

Nearly all of the websites we build are done so using the WordPress or Joomla platforms. We use these 2 for several reasons. The main one is that they are easy to work with. You don’t need to be able to code for most changes on these websites. We can sit down with you or a staff member and show them how to make normal changes in the day-to-day running of a website. We can also show the person what to do if the website crashes. Our first lesson is always to show the person how to make backups, and where to store them safely and with ease of access.

Once-Off Services or Monthly Package

Our affordable SEO company offers a choice of either once-off services or monthly packages.

Once-Off Services include :

  • Website Design and development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Training courses.
  • Free Website SEO Analysis
  • Once off Onsite Optimisation
  • Website Audit

Our Monthly packages include:

  • Website Maintenance,
  • Onsite optimization,
  • Social media campaign,
  • PPC campaign
  • Backlink Campaign
  • Blog content creation
  • All, or some of the above.

Check out our SEO Packages page for more details on our SEO services. Find out why we are known as Ireland’s most affordable SEO company!