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Changes To The Way We Do Things

Covid has made many changes to the way we have to do things. Recently a good client of No1 SEO Ireland who had gotten us to build their website back in 2018 approached us to convert their brochure website to an eCommerce website. Previously a cafe, and in the midst of a second lockdown, they were looking to take advantage of their assets. Their brochure website was still seeing almost 2,000 hits per month so the owner was looking to use this eCommerce conversion to sell products online. A very logical and smart move I am sure you’ll agree.

What The Website Conversion Entailed


The website was fairly recent and the theme used was modern. This meant that we could safely add Woocommerce to the website without causing any technical problems. We then connected up a PayPal system that accepted both PayPal and credit cards, Thirdly, we set up the shipping allowing both a postage and a pickup option. Next, we created a number of categories and entered in the first selection of products. Finally, we created a contact form for customers to make contact if and as necessary.

Once all this was we ran a series of tests to make sure that all parts of the website were working correctly. We find using a couple of dummy products is the best way to do this.


How long An Ecommerce Conversion Takes


Like any other project asking how long a conversion will take is like asking how long is a piece of string. Without looking at it you cannot know. In this case, we were not expected to restyle the whole website or to upload a large number of products. Technically the website was very good. We did however have to update the version of PHP the website was using before we started. All of this saved a lot of time. There was some messing around with Paypal getting a merchant’s account. Luckily, due to a holdup on another website we were building, we were able to start straight away. From start to finish was only two weeks. Of that 2 weeks, there were a little over 2 full days taken to do all the work listed above.



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ecommerce conversion