Fault in Yoast 3.2.4 – You need Website Maintenance to Handle Website Faults.

Website Faults are a Serious Problem! Get your Website Maintenance up to Date!

Just a quick shout out to people with WordPress websites that they may need to attend to their website maintenance. There are always potential website faults that need to be addressed. The Yoast plugin version 3.2.4 ( probably the most popular WordPress SEO Plugin) has a small website maintenancevulnerability. I learned of this from Wordfence, ( they provide a very good security plugin which I use regularly on my websites), who discovered the weakness. It allows anybody with a subscriber level to download the SEO settings of the website by simply creating an account. This means that all of you with an E-commerce website is especially likely to have a problem.

Not to worry though! Yoast, of course, got to work on the problem straight away, and have released the fixed version Yoast 3.2.5 today ( Thursday 6th May).

I would recommend that anyone with a WordPress website check to make sure that their version is up to date. If not, they should update it straight away.

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