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Spammy Emails Constantly Coming in from so-called SEO or Web Design Companies?

Spammy Emails A Problem?


The above is hardly a question that needs to be answered! A normal day for me is to receive at least 5 spammy emails from so-called SEO companies or web design companies offering their services, at low low prices!!    Like most people ( I presumed! ). I normally just delete these and read the rest of my emails. It was not until last month when a prospective client mentioned that they had received one of these emails and had been worried by the message that it suddenly struck that not everybody does this.

Basically, these spammy emails will tell the business that:

1.  Their website was not ranking well on Search engines.

2. They needed an extensive backlink campaign.

3. Changes only they could make to guarantee online success, blah blah blah ……..  🙂

Spam EmailsI assured her that it was basically a con, which it is.  I was able to show them the same email for several of the websites I work on and show that it was just a general spam email. The idea is to make you worried so you act in haste. I have recently received one claiming to be from an Irish SEO company. Google attached the ‘via’ to the email address giving away the fact it is a mass email sent through an email company ( For information on this read here  – His company also doesn’t seem to have a website, which ALL real SEO companies will have.

I can only say that if I was to approach a company offering SEO services or web design services, I would have a full website analysis done and in hand when meeting that person after making an appointment by phone. I would be able to explain all the necessary changes a company would need to make to its website and SEO in order to be ranked on Google and to improve its conversion rate.

To Sum Things Up!

When you receive an email telling you that you need SEO services or web design services, if it doesn’t point out specific errors on your website ( faulty menu, unlabeled images, poor SEO keyword research naming the pages these are on!!!) then you can rest assured that it is safe to delete it. If someone has spent several hours analysing your website for shortcomings, then it might be worth a read. Even if you presently have a Web design or SEO company working on your website for you. Lots of Irish companies outsource and sometimes the results are not great.

Remember, if worried about your online presence we offer a complete website analysis for free for new prospective clients.

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