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Website Design Vs SEO Onsite Optimisation

website designIf you have been involved with a Digital Marketing company you may have noticed a certain amount of tension between the Web Developers and the SEO Specialists. This comes from the fact that the 2 groups have differing beliefs.

The Web Developers – nutcases, one and all! – believe that the most important thing about a website is the way it looks and how well the website design functions.

The SEO Specialists – saints, one and all! – believe that there is no point in having a pretty website if it is can’t be found by people on the internet.

The 2 groups are right, and wrong, of course!

Getting the Best from Your Website Design

It is vitally important to have a good looking website design to dazzle your customers. It must also be both fully functional and so easy to navigate that you hardly realise you are doing so. This leads to higher conversion rates and more repeat sales.

….   AND   …..

It is vitally important that your website ranks near the top of the first page of the search engine. Otherwise, you won’t find customers and clients flocking to your website in the first place. This is why great Onsite SEO Optimisation is so necessary.

The problem with so many Digital Marketing companies is that they build the website and afterward they let the SEO Specialists go to work. This is when the fun begins. These SEO experts want to change Headings, Links, content on pages and even add more pages! Of course, this means that things start to get moved around. The website doesn’t look the same as it did at the start. This starts a row with the web developers saying ” Don’t touch that” and the SEO saying ” This really needs to be changed!”. Trouble and strife.

This is why before a website is built a full team meeting is necessary. The Keyword research should be done beforehand, and all headings and content need to be signed off on before the web developers start their build. This should lead to a much happier workplace with improved results for both the web developers and the SEO Specialists.

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