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Update on Mobile Friendly Website Design Google Algorithm

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

I wrote a post about mobile-friendly website design a couple of weeks ago here. This is just an update on what is happening so far with the rollout. If you have been paying attention to what is going on in the SEO world at the moment, or perhaps you were just watching the RTE news on Tuesday night, but you may have heard about Google ’s latest Algorithm change coming into effect.

Well, the general opinion so far is that there have only been small changes in search engine rankings, but realistically this is not going to last.

Almost 70% of online searches are made from smart devices! Google is going to make you update your website to a mobile-friendly one.

Mobile-FriendlyWebsite Design V Traditional Website Design


At the moment there seems little point in updating your website, but this may rapidly change! If you like your present website you can probably get a new mobile-friendly version fairly right.  It could also be a smart move to get in ahead of the rush. Think about it, 2 thirds of the world’s websites are non-responsive. It is likely that once the Google Algorithm update kicks in worldwide there will be queues of companies waiting to get mobile friendly website designtheir websites updated.

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Remember being mobile-friendly should see an increase in business! We know that this expenditure is unwanted for many people. On the plus side, it could see increases in the business of 200% or more from your website.