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Penalised for having Non – Responsive Website

Those of you who keep up with Google algorithm updates will be aware that the latest update is set to penalize non–responsive websites.  This is mainly because Google wants to force you to keep up with the times. A lot of businesses get a website built and think that they are then finished having to do anything else with it. Job done, as far as they are concerned. They have bought the golden goose. They can sit back now and enjoy the benefits forevermore.

Why Does a Business Need a Responsive Website?

The problem with this is that if they had their website built a few years ago, or just by a bad web development company ( I have seen non – responsive websites built in the last 18 months), then they are left with a website which cannot be seen clearly on smartphones or tablets!

“Where is the harm in that ?” you ask.

In 2014 approximately 70% of all searches online were done using either a tablet or a smartphone. This number is increasing all the time at an amazing rate, so even now in 2015 that number could be as high as 75% or even more.  This means that more than half of your potential customers/clients will be unable to view your website correctly. With so many responsive websites online they will ‘bounce’ off your website and onto someone else’s. They may not offer half as good a service as you, but the old expression is true!  –  ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

The second thing is that this high bounce rate is damaging your SEO rankings online. this is why Google is telling you that they are going to punish you if you don’t get your website made responsive.

Responsive Website
Get a Responsive Website NOW!!!!

They are in effect forcing you to shape up for your own business success! Those who do so will be in good shape, and those who don’t will vanish from the online rankings.

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