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The Real Key to Successful Digital Marketing

I know some fantastic web designers who build wonderful, easy to navigate websites,  but they all seem to have the same blind web designersspot when it comes to building a website. Yes, it is SEO. Web Designers always treat Onsite Optimisation as something you add on to a website once all the really “Difficult , Artistic” work has been done.




Speaking as an SEO Specialist who has tried to convince web designers that a bit of forward planning and discussion before they seo specialiststart to build can reap benefits not only to help the SEO strength of the website but also to prevent broken links and badly named URLs once the SEO phase has begun. Everyone wants a good looking website and SEO should not prevent this in any way but if a decision came up where you have to decide ‘either-or’ you should choose SEO every time. I know lovely sites that don’t get 10 clicks a month and I know horrible sites with 10,000 clicks a month. Who does more business?




As I stated above though, with forward planning between the web designer and the SEO Specialist you should be able to achieve social media gurustunning websites that rank highly on search engines. From my own experience most digital marketing companies DON’T do this. The website is built first and then handed over to the SEO section. You’d wonder why they bother calling themselves Digital Marketing companies? They should be called Web Developers & SEO Specialists under one roof companies.

But even if they do mesh perfectly, in order to be a true Digital Marketing company they have to be able to handle the social media aspect and to plan and build the online “BRAND” of the company they are working for. Very few achieve this.

It is actually normally caused by lack of management. Most management doesn’t have the skills necessary to form these separate sections into a unified team and achieve the masterpiece of online marketing that most companies hope for when hiring a digital marketing company. Having a good, forward-thinking IT person managing all sections can lead to the MESHING necessary to achieve this.

Digital Marketing ExpertA good digital marketing manager will create a team around themselves that can do all of the above, not just one time, but every time and THEY are the keys to digital marketing success.