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PPC Campaign and Once Off SEO Optimisation for Creative Stone

We were recently contacted by Robert Duffy of Creative Stone. He came to us looking for PPC campaign management and once-off onsite optimization. Robert is an expert stonemason who specializes in gravestones and gravestone accessories and ornaments. He has the largest showroom in Sligo so if you are in the area and are looking for something for a grave or a statue or unique stone item for your garden he would be well worth having a chat with.

Onsite Optimisation

Robert wanted to improve his rankings to be more easily found online. He hired us to do both the PPC campaign and the once-off onsite optimisation. It was our decision to optimize the website first. There were a few reasons for this.

  • Firstly, the website rankings would be visibly improving while the PPC campaign was being run.
  • Secondly, it improved the page quality which means that you don’t have to bid as much for your ad to show.
  • Thirdly, the PPC campaign was sending visitors to the pages we had picked out. This has a beneficial effect on your organic rankings further improving them.


PPC Campaign

Creative Stone had been running PPC campaigns in the past. While they were a big help they didn’t perform as well as hoped. Robert came to us to improve his return from Google Ads.

Our first step as stated above was to improve the page quality.

Next, we divided each of his areas and set up ad campaigns for each section.

We created several ads for each section and allowed them to run in rotation for a few days before choosing the most frequently clicked on.

Because Robert was planning to keep up the running of the campaign after the first month we used the Smart rather than the professional version of Google Ads. This just makes it simpler with less chance of mistakes for the average business owner.

For the month we ran the PPC campaign we daily checked for negative keywords. For example, as a stonemason, Robert does not deal with wood. This meant that we put any wood related searches on the negative keyword list. You do not want to be paying for searches that you can’t benefit from.

Lastly, 3 weeks in, we created more ads and replaced the poorer performing ones whilst leading the best.

Creative Stone was very pleased with the results. The ads were costing over 30% less per click with the improved page and ad quality. They were also getting a lot more genuine business due to better-targeted ads and fewer wasted clicks.


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