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Adjusting The Website Message for Markwatch Security

Adjusting the Markwatch Security Website to better Fit The Services Offered


Markwatch Security services is a Dublin based security company. They came to us with the task of making changes to their website. While they are very well known for running different courses for security personnel, many people didn’t seem to realise that they also offer security services to businesses nationwide. They came to us and asked us for recommendations to make this more obvious. Our website builder went through the website and we came back to them with some suggestions.

Firstly, the fact that they hired out security guards wasn’t really obvious on the home page. We proposed adding in a section of the Home page that would be easily seen by any website visitors.

Next, we asked them what were the most common areas for security hire that they supplied. These were store detectives and site security guards. We suggested developing a page for each of these services to better target interested clients. We wrote the content and used the images supplied by Markwatch Security.

The Importance of Your Website Message

Many websites do not perform as well as hoped because its message is unclear. When asked to review a website from an SEO perspective we often have to tell a client that they need a complete content rewrite. If a person can’t understand what a website is saying, then more than likely a search engine won’t either.


A few pointers when writing content for Readability and SEO

  • Your content should be understandable by everyone who comes to your website. Not just experts!
  • Don’t try to cover too much ground in one section. Your readers and your rankings will thank you if you write about different subjects separately rather than all clumped together.
  • Try to keep your sentences to a certain length. 20 words or less is best from both readability and SEO viewpoint.
  • Remember to use relevant headers and plenty of paragraphs.
  • If trying to target a certain keyword do your keyword research before starting to write. Instead of trying to force the same keyword a bunch of times into your content use related terms. Examples could be – car – automobile – vehicle – mechanic, etc. All the words are related to the same topic. Leads to more interesting reading and better rankings.
  • Finally, get someone reasonably intelligent to read your content before publishing it. See if they can find any obvious gaps in the information that needs to be filled. I recently had someone come to me for a quote to SEO a website. They were offering a fairly obscure service and at no time was this service explained on the website. I still don’t know what they do! If they hire us we will have to go to someone else’s website to get an explanation.


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Markwatch Security
Markwatch Security