Arklow Gaelscoil website

New Arklow Gaelscoil website

The Website the Gaelscoil Wanted

No1 SEO Ireland was contacted to provide the new Arklow Gaelscoil website. They wanted a completely different website design than previously. A website that the children would feel more in touch with, and would provide a more fun experience.

As you can see from the screenshot of the home page, it is now the kind of website that children love the look of right from the start. It has little touches added throughout the website make it both user and child-friendly.

The website is designed so that parents and children have easy access to the details needed about such as booklists, uniforms lists, and staff members. These features also come in an easily downloaded PDF format.

The website also needed to be easy to work with as the people in charge of updating the website were going to be relatively inexperienced. A school, of course, has to make regular updates. This meant that the platform the website was built on needed to allow for easy access for the school staff.  The staff members were all given a tutorial on how to update a website by ourselves. They also received a handout with step by step instructions.

So the final result is a modern, fresh, fun, easy to use and unique looking website. With proper website maintenance, it should last for many years before they feel the need to update it.

Arklow Gaelscoil website