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Web Design is amazingly important to your online success. At No1 SEO Ireland we understand that your website is the first port of call for most potential clients and customers. It is the public face of many companies. If this face is not engaging and the message doesn’t come across well then your conversion rates are going to be very low. This is why it is so necessary to find a web design company that treats each and every client with individual attention and not just as another face in the crowd.


Responsive Web Design

Today, the first question you need to ask yourself – is my website responsive?  Can it be seen properly on a mobile device such as an iPad or a mobile devicesSmart Phone? Are you left trying to adjust the size and playing with the screen in order to read the smaller pieces of information? With 70% of website visits now coming from mobile devices, this is a very necessary question.

It is also necessary to ensure that the website works equally well across a range of browsers. Some browsers don’t have the same functionalities as the majority. When the capability is there, it only makes sense to ensure the best possible result.


What makes No1 SEO Ireland different to our competitors is that with us a

                 Responsive Website Design is STANDARD ! 

No1 SEO Ireland’s aim is to build the best websites possible. We won’t charge you extra for what is in our opinion a normal addition to a website. Mobile compatibility is in our minds on a par with images for your website. So necessary that it is not even considered an option not to have it.





How to test if your Website is Responsive

If you want to check if your website is responsive then click here

This is the image I get when I check No1 SEO Ireland.

Mobile Friendly Test for no1 seo ireland

If you are not getting a similar result for your own website then contact us. You should use the No1 SEO Ireland contact form or call us on 089 479 9227.     With over 70% of searches from mobile devices, you are losing potential clients by having a non – responsive website. Google’s algorithm also penalizes nonresponsive websites from April 17th, 2016. From this, you can see it makes sense to make your website responsive.

Easy to Navigate Websites

Next, will be the ease of use of the website. Have you ever went to a website looking for a particular piece of information which you knew was there but were unable to find due to the bad layout and design of the website. Here at No1 SEO Ireland, the aim is to make your website as easy to navigate as website navigationpossible. Our websites are designed with the idea that no matter what the client is looking for there are several ways to move around the website in an easy, fluid manner.

We consider the look of the website to be of vast importance. It is necessary to place all the information on the website in such a way that it still looks clean and uncluttered. Having a website that is too ‘BUSY’ can put people off. It is sometimes necessary where there is an overload of information to split it into one or more subsequent pages so the customer can absorb each major point being put forward.

Visually Attractive Web Design

Our websites are all visually attractive. The line “A picture speaks a thousand words” is no less true when it comes to building a website. Often having just the right image on a page can grab a potential clients attention. This leads them to engage with the site increasing the opportunity for a conversion.

Easy to Use and Edit

All our websites are built on WordPress or Joomla and come with a CMS. This means that with a minimum of tuition website owners will be able to add new content and images. Very convenient when you are updating your blog regularly. No1 SEO Ireland has a qualified trainer with the ‘ Train The Trainer’ qualification. This allows us to effectively train people in the use of their website.

This training will free them from:

  • Having to pay to get such work done.
  • Any delays in getting the work done.


Logo Design

No1 SEO Ireland does not normally provide logo design. In cases where the budget is a major concern, we can provide some logo samples. We logo designwould prefer that clients use a professional logo design company. This is because Logo Design can be very time consuming and in some cases can end up taking as long to complete as the website build. You probably all know that Irish Water spent €20,000 on their logo. If not you can read about it here.

Copy Writing

Copy for the website will in most cases come from you, the client. If you feel you would rather have us write the copy this can, of course, be added to the website build package. Alternatively, we can place you in contact with a copywriter and work with the received copy as normal. If you are also taking copywritingadvantage of our SEO specialist skills then in all likelihood any copy put forward for the website will have small changes to improve the SEO strength of the copy while not interfering with the message.

We would recommend at least 300 words per page. Pages with less content than this have difficulty getting the top rankings on search engines. The average content for the best pages on Google in 2017 in high competition areas was 1,808 words.


 SEO Planned Web Design

What makes No1 SEO Ireland different than any other web design company in Ireland is that we believe in the necessity of using your whole website to on-site-optimization-seocarry your company message. We also believe in using the whole website in getting you to rank for the keywords most necessary to target your potential clients. Most web design companies just add in the SEO after the website is built. Or not at all! At No1 SEO Ireland we believe in planning the website for the results you want and in this way can present you with a website that will have you miles ahead of your competition.


What Does Your Website Build Need to Succeed

  • The website must be mobile friendly.
  • It must be easy to navigate.
  • There must be relevant images.
  • Content is vital. Make it interesting and easy to follow.
  • Headings are important! Every page should have H1, H2 and H3 headings.
  • When creating the page names make them relevant and ensure that they are also used in the URL like this  – https://no1seoireland.ie/web-design/. Many, many websites actually have a number here like this  –  *******.ie/?page_id=30.
  • Have your contact details and phone number in an easy to see location. In some websites, you can spend ages trying to find a phone number. This means lost clients!
  • It should have a Blog. This not only keeps people interested in your website but also helps you improve your search engine rankings.
  • Social media connections. – If you have social media accounts for your business then your website should be connected to them. Obvious but in many cases forgotten about!
  • Onsite Optimisation. If you are serious then you need your website to be optimised.
  • Link Building. Can be time-consuming but if you are in a time competition business you will need this as well.
  • Social Media and PPC advertising.  It might be an idea to use this when setting up to help build up a client base. It takes a while no matter your budget to rank a new website high on search engines.


If you are interested in getting a new website or an old website rebuilt you can call us on 089 479 9227 or use the contact form.

We also offer free website analysis to prospective clients in case you feel that your website is not performing the way it should. We will give you a report in an easy to follow manner and will meet with you to discuss your best options.

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