Is Google the Internet Police?

Is Google now the Internet Police?

Recently I got into a discussion with 2 experienced internet people who are very up to date with what’s happening online. We were having a discussion about plagiarism and I was wondering what sort of markdown Google internet-policegave if you were caught plagiarising. I got the immediate answer – Why would Google do anything? , they are not the internet police!

And what do you think all the new Google algorithms like Panda or Pigeon are for? I asked.

They are all about getting better search results – which is true – I was told. But they are not policing the internet. They don’t care about what you do.

What about Black and White Hat SEO? Surely these are SUPER important now since the algorithms have made SEO’s lives so much easier (NOT)? Are these not a form of policing? Doesn’t the good SEO get rewarded for following the rules of White Hat SEO and the bad SEO gets punished for Black Hat SEO methods where his website is reprimanded with lowered rankings or even jailed (blacklisted by Google) and will have to spend time removing bad content and asking for forgiveness? ( Having a bit of a laugh, but a lot closer to the truth than you think)

What Does This Mean?

If you don’t care about Google and its search engine then obviously they can’t touch you BUT if you are like most Irish companies where nearly all your business will come through the Google search engine then you better be prepared to stick to their rules. ( I did a recent check on an Irish company which in the space of a month had over 14000 impressions from Google and only 2 from Bing. Guess where their customers are coming from and whose rules they are most careful to follow?)

I actually prefer the modern Google as now the more talented you are at SEO the better you’re websites will perform. Before it was a case of who could buy the most links! or stuff their websites with pirated spammy content!

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P.S. Just in case you were wondering a little research showed that Google considers plagiarism as a form of spam! You will find it is something which they DO care about.

In Finishing

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