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Recently, we have had the pleasure of doing a website rebuild for Editing Services. Editing Services are a company that helps with screenwriting editing, book cover design, adapting books to films, editing novels and stories for writers, and with the whole process of self-publishing a book. Clare Keogh is the PIC (person in charge) and she is constantly on the go organizing each and every project. Her eye for detail is simply amazing.

Clare had approached us originally about SEO Services and website maintenance. From this, she ended up progressing to getting us to do a full website rebuild. She loved the look of the present website, but unfortunately, it did not lend itself to being updated. This is a necessity when you have a constant stream of new projects reaching completion. You want to be able to showcase your work so that future prospects can view them. She also wanted to be able to update her website as and when it was necessary. At present, she couldn’t.

The website we built her is fully updatable, responsive, SEO friendly with a really light theme to improve page loading speeds.  We also added extra security, a cache plugin for even better load speeds, and a plugin to minimize image sizes. The website is easily updatable with lessons promised once COVID-19 has run its course.

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Below is an image of the Editing Services Home Page. Click here if you would like to see the real thing.


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