COVID-19 business boom

COVID-19 Business Boom For Website Development Companies

Website Boom in Response to COVID-19

While many industries have been hit by COVID-19 in a bad way, not so companies whose business is internet-related, others have had a COVID-19 business boom! Group meeting apps like Zoom have grown to be recognized worldwide. Many brick and mortar companies have had to scramble to try to reach their customers in another way. The Irish government has thrown these businesses a lifeline in the form of the online trading grant.  Up to €2,500 to help get you online and selling.

What are the Difficulties in Getting Your Business Online

One of the problems is that there are now too many businesses looking for a website RIGHT NOW!!! The website development companies simply cannot cover the demand. There is a lot of work in developing an Ecommerce website. I expect that by next year there will be a lot of horror stories about poorly built Ecommerce websites. Similar to houses built in the boom period. Some website companies are simply cloning one style and slapping it out to new clients as a time saver. Others will be letting new inexperienced employees loose installing the categories and products.

Who Should you be Looking at to Build Your Website?

Dealing with an Irish development company is still probably the best choice. This massive jump to get online is happening worldwide. I don’t know how accurate the report I read was, but it said that approximately 40 million businesses worldwide were trying to develop an Ecommerce presence during COVID-19. This is why we have a COVID-19 business boom!

I would recommend going through the website development company’s past website builds. They should have a portfolio section. Check that the websites they claim to have built are real. I have seen websites on 3 different Dublin website development company portfolios that just did not exist! Also, once the website is real check that it works. A badly built website is every bit as bad as no website at all. Broken links, badly laid out pages, broken images, shopping carts that don’t work, etc. All these things should be a big warning sign for you to stay away from that company.

What About Us?

No1 SEO Ireland is only a small company but like everyone else in the industry, COVID-19 has meant a boost to our business. Website maintenance, onsite optimization, website rebuilds, and PPC AdWords have been the main areas where our business has increased. Unfortunately, we do expect that over the next 12 months we will be contacted to rebuild or to optimize many of the E-commerce websites that are presently being built. We don’t expect any of the websites we have built to need anything more than basic maintenance and an SEO package. ( All Ecommerce websites need SEO. You won’t get away with just building it and have sales forever after. Sad but true!) We would rather do it right and have clients who keep coming back!

In Conclusion

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COVID-19 business boom