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Website Rebuild and Restyle For Odyssey


Website Rebuild and Restyle For Odyssey


Odyssey has once again got a website restyle and rebuild. I always seem to be talking about new website builds for Odyssey. This is due to the fact that they actually have 2 different websites and tend to alternate updating them every 12 – 18 months. Yes, they have https://coolmanaghenterprises.ie/ and https://odysseyweddingcars.ie. While these 2 websites tend to be similar in details we do try to change the look on each update.

Odyssey came to us a few weeks ago when a problem had developed with the mobile version of the website. This sometimes happens when plugins update. Because you have several plugins sometimes they will work against each other and cause a problem. It is a matter of going through the website until you find the offending plugin and then take it from there.

In this instance, Odyssey told us to rebuild the whole website with a new style and to make the website lighter and quicker. If they had decided to have the problem fixed it was covered on their website maintenance package.

What The New Website was to Accomplish

Odyssey wanted a new style. A few years ago when this website was built a white clean website was the ‘In’ style. While that is still very popular, Odyssey wanted something a bit more related to what they offer.

They also wanted a website that loaded faster. To start, we added a cache plugin to improve page loading speed. Another big change was we cut down the size of the website from 684 MB to 255 MB. Also, we have installed ‘Lazy Loading’ so that the images are only loaded just before you view them. GZIP compression is enabled and we also have an image compressor installed.

The next thing was to improve navigation. Even though they have a contact page on the menu many people still had difficulty finding it. We suggested a large button with the words ‘Get A Quote’ on it in the sidebar so that it appeared on every page. They loved the idea.

We also produced several nice sliders that were connected to the page they represented. That meant that if a person saw a car they liked, by clicking on the image on the home page they were brought to the page with the information and more images of the car. We did the same with images of wedding photography and wedding videography.

What other changes did we make?

They are trying to increase the number of photography packages they sell so we created a couple of galleries and placed them in the footer of the pages so that no matter what page they viewers are on they may see these images and think about hiring Odyssey for their wedding photography. We were very lucky in that the images they had readily available were so good.

Odyssey has been around since 2005 and they have always gone that extra mile to provide the best service possible for their clients. We have worked with them since 2014, and always found them both very professional in their attitude whilst being easy to work with. We know they are very popular with brides and hope that this continues for them for many years.

Need a Website Rebuild?

If you find yourself in need of a website rebuild you should consider allowing us to give you a quote. Unlike many website development companies we also understand the importance of building in structures to the backend of a website to improve performance and promote better rankings.

If you need help with web design or SEO services. If you find yourself in need of a website restyle or website maintenance just contact us. You can call us on 089 479 9227 or click here for the contact form.

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