the royal hotel

The Royal Hotel, Arklow

 Royal Hotel Arklow Website Rebuild

I was recently contacted by The Royal Hotel in Arklow to give their website a new look. The old website was a bit dark and brown. The rebuild had to be lighter, friendlier and more aimed at offering what the prospective customer was looking for. The Royal Hotel was looking to increase their conversions from its best markets which are golfing holidays and parties.

This is because

A.) it has long partnerships with some of the local golf clubs, and

B.) also has Sally O’ Briens disco bar as part of its establishment.

Improvements to the Website

Another area which it wanted to promote is its amazing menu with their own top chef. We have dramatically improved the look of their restaurant page by adding in images of some of the lovely treats they have on offer. We also added in images linked to their main menus. We have set them up so that the hotel can easily save new menus that can be linked to their menu images.

All of these areas have been highlighted in the rebuild and will gradually add to as time goes on. The manager of The Royal Hotel assures me that he realizes that the way to have a successful website is to be constantly adding to it rather than let it stagnate. As he is a big social media advocate you can look for him on Facebook.

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