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SEO Tutorials Online – You Can’t Believe Everything You Read!

What is the Truth About How to do SEO Onsite?

Recently I was contacted by a London based SEO company that was having a problem with a Magento eCommerce website. They assured me they had followed Magento onsite optimisation best practice. (They claimed that they had used the best SEO Tutorials online!). I have experience with optimising Magento E-commerce websites, having worked on one last year. The results I achieved were very good. Their impressions and sales both were increased by a sizable amount.  I have it written up on my website here if you care to have a look. This London Based company obviously thought I would be a good person to conduct a website analysis.

What the Problems Were

As they were sure they had a technical problem, I checked that first. Their page speeds were running at over 2 seconds for both mobile and PC. I suggested a few courses of action to increase site speeds but still didn’t feel that it was their main problem.

Going through the website I discovered that the website wasn’t optimised at all, except for a couple of products. When I pointed this out they seemed to think that I was a fool. Nobody used keywords on Magento websites anymore I was told. They even sent me along an article written by a Magento SEO expert. Reading the article I could see that yes, they were quite right in that it said best-practice was not to use keywords in Magento websites.  I then traced the author back to the SEO company he worked for. Finally, I examined some of their Magento websites.  Yes, you guessed it, they were all optimised with Keywords!

SEO Tutorials

Necessary SEO Company Skills – How to be Good at SEO?

There are some basics for SEO that no one argues about (yet) – Good content and lots of it,  Relevant Titles, Optimised images/media, blogging, and the value of social media. These are in all SEO tutorials!

And then the Basics that everyone argues about ( actually only SEO specialists ) – new to this arena – Keyword Research, menu headings, siloing, multiple websites interacting, and the golden oldie ( last 3 – 4 years) Backlinks (mostly terrible things, with a little bit of gold if you know how to find it).

How to be Good at SEO without SEO Tutorials!

The way to be good at SEO – onsite optimisation – is to try it for yourself!!!!     and not believe what some guy on the internet is telling you. They say paper never refuses ink. The internet is a million times worse as they don’t even have to pay for the ink. There are some great SEO tutorials but even more bad ones!

With SEO it is important not to be afraid to try something new. I am always trying to come up with new ideas to improve website rankings. Or if I hear of an idea that someone else is trying I am inclined ( if I think it might work) to give it a go on my own website. By close monitoring, I can normally tell in 3 -4 weeks if it is something I want to pass on to my clients, or put in the ‘Don’t Use’ pile.

Another reason to try your own methods is that it can give you a head start over your competitors. As an SEO company, if your clients are ALL ahead of their competitors you will be ahead of yours too. Have a look at the image below and tell me why your competition is giving away free advice?


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