Scammers Season is Here again!

Beware The Scammers!

It’s only a few months to Christmas and the scammers are back in force.

Here is the latest scam I have found and how easily you can get caught. I recently decided to sell on some PSP consoles that the kids no longer used. I put them up on Done Deal and within a few minutes, I had a woman happy to pay me the full price. They are up at a bargain price so no alarms went off yet.

I told her where I was located and asked her would it be a problem for her to pick them up?

Actually, she told me they were for a friend and would I mind posting them to him. She would forward me the postage as well. She asked me to make it all up and send her a PayPal invoice. A little uneasy now, but at the same time if she paid me what did it matter where they were sent?

Low and behold I got an email from PayPal saying the money had been paid and would be held until I forwarded the registered postcode. It looked like any PayPal email I have seen in the past and the email was from  Everything had to be fine, surely???

What to do!!

I have had many dealings using PayPal and just felt something was off. I have done what many people seem a little scared to do – I rang PayPal!!

A very nice lady in their customer care had a quick look and told me that it was a scam. In a similar situation, where the person was genuine the money would appear in the account straight away. The receiver just can’t withdraw it until the product is received or enough days go past.

How it Worked!

How then did they manage to send me an email from PayPal?

It’s an old enough dodge and unless you really paying attention it looks real. The email username was ‘’! The actual email address the scam PayPal email came from was .

Altogether this is what it looked like  – <>.

Like most people the first time I read through the email I just read

In case it stops anybody else getting caught the email used to contact me on this occasion was  <>

and the address to send my PSPs to was

Name: adebayo taiwo james, No 20 Oyemekun lane, apata, Ibadan,23402,Oyo-State, Country: Nigeria. Phone Number:+2348072953282

If you receive any offers to buy from a person with this email OR looking to have something posted to this address IT IS A SCAM!!!! BTW I looked up (gone now). It is an old one page website that funnily enough warns you to be careful to check out who you are dealing with. ANd beware of scammers! 🙂




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