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The Broken Chair Cafe


The Broken Chair Cafe

We are delighted to announce a new website build for The Broken Chair Cafe. It was only a while ago that we were approached about building this website. Of course, when building a new website it is necessary to decide on what is needed in terms of functionality and style.

What Elements were Required for the new Website

The owner of the Broken Chair Cafe wanted a certain style and colour scheme that conveyed ‘cafe’.

She also wanted the website to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

As there are several menus, the menus themselves must be easy to view and to update.

A large gallery was essential as she plans to place up new photos of people and happy events as time goes by.

This was also why she wanted a ‘News’ section.

Finally, she wanted to be able to tell people about the great function room they had available for different functions.

What we Delivered!

  • The website delivered was styled according to the owner’s wishes reminiscent of an old-fashioned coffee house.
  • It is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.
  • All the content on the website is easy to update (including the menus!).
  • There is a large Gallery that is easy to add images to.
  • There is an ‘Our News’ page for upcoming events and functions that have taken place.
  • And there is a functions room page!

But That is Not All!

No1 SEO Ireland is not just a web development company. We are also SEO specialists! This means we are more aware of what goes on in the background of a website.

Into the website backend, we installed 2 security plugins, a cache plugin ( for improved page speed), and an SEO plugin.

We also linked the website’s sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tools. Some people say that the last is not important as the search engines will find the website anyway, but from experience, I have found that not to be the case.

Server-side we set up the SSL certificate to give the website the green ‘secure’ in the top left of the URL in the browser. An HTTPS page also loads slightly faster. This improves user experience and SERP (search engine) rankings.

If you would like a no obligation chat or a quote for a website please feel free to contact us using the Contact form or to give us a call on 089 479 9227.


broken chair cafe