Odyssey Wedding Cars

Odyssey Wedding Cars

New Mobile Friendly Website Build for Odyssey Wedding Cars

This was the very first website built by NO1 SEO Ireland. Odyssey Wedding Cars last had a website built back in 2008 and drastically needed a new modern look. It also needed a mobile-friendly responsive website that was viewable to potential clients on smartphones and tablets. The old website was not and this was losing the company potential clients and more importantly, income!

Also while the SEO standard on the website had always been above average, there was definitely a lot of room for improvement. Between the new website design and the improved SEO, the website has increased its search engine (SERP) rankings dramatically. Astonishingly, this improvement has come about since the website was completed in October, only 3 months ago!

While not asked for, No1 SEO Ireland also included Social Media Icons to help with the growth of the brand through its social media channels. We set these up for Odyssey wedding cars and gave them advice on how best to use them.

We also built in a PayPal facility. This was so clients could pay a deposit or make a payment online rather than have the hassle of organizing a cheque or Postal Order. This has helped to complete transactions quicker. It also avoids those that may have been lost with the cooling off period thus bringing in more income. There is also the fact that many people prefer the ease of paying online for services such as these.

Social Media and PPC Advertising

No1 SEO Ireland is responsible for the social media on Odyssey Wedding Cars. This means creating blogs and displaying them to the public through the use of social media. This helps to create interest in the company. The main channel at the moment is Facebook as this suits their demographic the best.

No1 SEO Ireland also runs the occasional PPC campaign for Odyssey wedding Cars. Facebook’s PPC is the one of choice as it allows a targeted campaign at a much lower cost than Google Adwords.

Are you Looking To Have a Website built?

No1 SEO Ireland has a fine record of building websites through the use of WordPress or Joomla. As we are based on the border we are often described as a Wicklow web design company or a Wexford web design company. We prefer to be called an affordable SEO company that provides website development! Our unique approach to website design as part of our SEO services means that we can provide you with a website that will not let you down.

Call us now at 089 479 9227 or use our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Odyssey wedding cars