Happy New Year 2019||Happy New Year 2019

No1 SEO Ireland is Looking forward to 2019!

What have we happening in the coming year – 2019?

Firstly, we would like to wish everybody a very Happy New Year.Hopefully 2019 will be a great year for you!

Next, let us tell you what is happening with No1 SEO Ireland in 2019.


2019 is looking to be our busiest year yet.

Website Builds

On the website build front, we have a couple of WordPress website builds in the works at the moment. We are also in talks with 2 companies about new E-commerce websites to start in February. web designOne is local – Ireland and the other is in the UK. Remember to look and see if you are eligible for the E-commerce grant if you plan on building an E-commerce website.

SEO Services

On the SEO services front, we still have most of our regulars. We also have quotes out to several others and with even a 10% conversion rate we will be up on last year. good seo companyThis is probably due to us having recently spent the last few months on the first page of Google for some very good competitive keywords. If your rankings are not as good as you would like, feel free to contact us for a free website analysis. We are definitely an SEO company you should be considering!

Website Maintenance Packages

Our website maintenance packages are on the increase as well, even though in 2018 we let a couple of our longtime clients go. website maintenanceUnfortunately, as anyone in business knows sometimes you need to part ways with some clients.

Everyone should be considering website maintenance. A static website will rapidly fall down in the rankings. Website owners should be working regularly to improve their website content and keep adding new content in a blog to keep you in the minds of your clients. Also for security reasons, it is necessary to keep your website updated. This helps prevent your website from getting hacked.

PPC Adwords

PPC Adwords was not an area I promoted when I first got into the industry many years ago. It seemed an expensive solution to me at the time. ppc campaign managementThis was my mistake as over time I have become convinced that every part of the SEO industry has times when it is the best solution for a client. For immediate returns on a new business, or your own industry when you have been forgotten by previous clients PPC can be the answer.

Content creation

Content creation such as writing Blogs and website content was up in 2018 and we hope to see it grow even further in 2019. At present, we are in consultation with a bloggingDublin based company to write all their Blogs and social media. It is for a 6-month contract with an option to renew, so fingers crossed.

Another factor that we believe leads to an increase in custom is our free website analysis. Anybody can contact us and have us do a run-through of their website. We ill tell them about the major factors affecting their rankings. Once people have talked to you and checked that you are not spinning them a line they are much happier to trust you with their website. You can’t blame them for being cautious when their livelihood depends on who they hire!

What Else is happening for No1 SEO Ireland in 2019?

Well, the timing is not definite yet, but the plan is to be in new offices by June or early July. We are super excited at the prospect as we have been in the old offices since 2014. They have served us well but are getting a little dated.

I think that is all of our news at present. As you can see we are super excited about the year to come. Hopefully, things are going well for you as well.

If not, (here’s the pitch!)

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