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Mobile Friendly Website Rebuild for Arklow Marine, Arklow


Mobile Friendly Rebuild for Arklow Marine

No1 SEO Ireland entered into talks with Arklow Marine back in May about rebuilding their website to be mobile friendly. They were happy with the present look of the website and wanted to keep it as close as possible to the original.

What the Client Brief Included

  • Arklow Marine wanted the website to be Mobile Friendly.
  • They wanted it to look the same as the previous website.
  • They wanted the same functionality.

What No1 SEO Ireland Suggested To Improve the Website

As a Wexford/Wicklow based SEO company as well as the importance of website design, we are very aware of how to improve a website’s rankings. We suggested separating pages that had several different services and giving each of these services their own individual pages. This would increase the likelihood of ranking for these individual services.

What No1 SEO Ireland Delivered to the Client

No1 SEO Ireland delivered a website in July that is fully mobile friendly. As well as the extra pages we also added a few improvements that the original website did not have,

  • A security plugin was added to increase website security.
  • Page speed is also very important so a cache plugin was added.
  • Rankings need to be considered, so an SEO plugin was installed.

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mobile friendly arklolw marine