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Importance of Great Content to your PPC Marketing Campaign


PPC Marketing with Great Content

Most people not directly related to the SEO and PPC sector do not know this, but the importance of good content on your website to your PPC Marketing campaign will pay you back ten-fold.

This is literally true!

When you are running a Google Adwords campaign it used to be that the highest bidder had their advert shown first.                —–         This is no longer true!

Google now runs a different calculation when placing your Google Advert  – It is now bid * ad quality.

It is possible for a company bidding €10 per click to be outbid by a company bidding only €5!

€10 * Ad Quality of 2 = 20

€5 * Ad Quality of 5 = 25

Not only will the lower bidder be placed first, but it will also only cost him €4.01 to be the winning bidder

5 * €4.01 = 20.05

What affects Ad Quality I hear all you businesses asking?

Firstly your Ad – Is it relevant? ( you are going to be hearing this word a lot!). I mean is it relevant to your landing page? – the URL your ad sends the people who click to.

If you are advertising cars, you shouldn’t be sending people to a page selling clothes, but if you were, then your ad would have a very low relevancy!

Next, do your headings and page name have strong relevance to your ad? Again is the page called ‘cars’ or something similar and do you have headings with the word ‘cars’. If you don’t then you are losing relevance and your ad quality will be low.

Is your website running at a good speed?   –    If not this will increase your bounce rate and as this goes up then your Ad quality goes down. Under 2 seconds if possible as this is where you start to lose potential customers.

What else adds Value to your PPC Campaign?

Yet another thing you need to be doing is adding negative keywords to your advert. Google will show your ad to as many people as possible relating to your keywords. You don’t want to be paying for clicks that have no chance of giving you a return.

It is so important when running a PPC marketing campaign to keep on top of it in order to get the best results. Setting up a campaign and walking away from it for a month at a time is a waste of money. It can take several months to get a PPC marketing campaign to where you want it, and a lot of work improving your website content, but once there you will find the results are well worth the input.

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