New Website

Hugh O’Byrne Electricial Gets New Website

New Website Requirements

Recently Hugh O’Byrne came to us wanting a new website build that would be easy to manage a fully responsive website. He also wanted a Facebook page set up for his business. Firstly, the website had to be enabled for SEO. Specifically, – localized onsite optimization, so that it could be easily found in his designated area. The website also had to be connected to his Facebook page with a possibility of connecting it to other platforms in the future. This would ensure that his online presence could be continually and easily grown.

As with most websites we develop, we set up his website blog so that it also appears as a post on his business Facebook page. This doubles the exposure of his content. It also means that it keeps his Facebook page appearing fresh. There is the added advantage that it increases the number of links leading back to his website from social media.

How Did He React To His New Website Build?

Hugh is very satisfied with the results. In only a couple of weeks, his website ranked on the first page of Google for ‘Arklow Electrician’. It is providing him with a steady stream of inquiries local to him. He has promised to get some SEO services in the future. In particular, he wanted some backlins created to local directory websites. Yelp and Golden pages are the first two of these we recommend. As well as providing page strength they also will give redirected traffic. Win win. There are several morfe of these directories that we use also to star off any backlink campaign.

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