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How to quickly Improve your Page Speed

You may be aware that Page speed can be an important factor in your website. Studies have found that
page-speedyou start losing customers at 2 seconds. If your website is taking 10 seconds to load then you have problems.

What slows down your website?  There are various things such as too large images and CSS and JavaScript files rendering in such a way to slow down the website.

Is this happening to you?

How to Find What is Slowing down your Page Speed

The easy answer is to look at your Google webmaster tools, click on ‘Other Resources’ and then ‘Page Speed’. Run a test and this will tell you what is slowing down your website. In most cases, you will find that your images are having a big effect due to their size.

How to Improve your Page Speed

The first step would be to decrease your image size to what is necessary. The images should still look well on all formats, but be at the lowest size to do so.

Another tool you can use is GZIP Compression. You need to get your host to install this on your server. It reduces the size of data going out and resizes it once it has reached its destination.

Ensure with your host that your server has enough space to properly run your website.

Have you heard about AMP yet?

AMP generates special mobile pages that are way faster than your normal page. Yes, even if you have a mobile version of your website. We will be publishing an article about AMP in the near future. Why not sign up to our email services so you won’t miss it?

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