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How To Pick a Good SEO Company

How do you pick a good SEO company?

This is a very interesting subject. How do you pick a good SEO company?

I was watching one of Google’s videos on this subject – see below – and they spell out the problems.

Does a good SEO company have the best rankings?

Actually, this may mean that they are not overly busy with clients! Leaving them lots of time for their own SEO.

Or if they have bad rankings, they might not be any good! Or they might be too busy with clients to do their own. A bit like the story about the barber with the bad hair.

Of course, they might be very good and still rank well, or have bad rankings and just be no good!

How can you tell?

Testimonials are a good way. If you have a company whose clients are happy to say ” Yes, they done a good job”, then you can be fairly sure. I have seen testimonials on many websites that were obviously made up. If they have a name and a company that you can check up, then they are probably real. If it is just Anne from Galway or Joe from Wexford, well probably not!

Also, it may be better to ask present clients rather than old ones. From an SEO company view, it can be frustrating to spend months getting a client to where they want to be and then they decide to stop. When their rankings start to fall back they usually blame the SEO company. The SEO company must have done something to sabotage their rankings! No, the SEO company will have warned them this would happen. Don’t forget that there are other companies out there working on THEIR rankings as well. For one company to go up another has to drop back.

What about No1 SEO Ireland?

We are only a small company so we are inclined to have elevator rankings for high competition keywords. That means they go up and down depending on how busy we are. An example of one of these would be ‘SEO services’. This keyword has massive competition and our rankings over the last 3 years vary from the 2nd page all the way down to the 14th page. With higher competition, you have to be able to put in the time to get the rankings.  This is why ALL SEO companies want to sell you a monthly SEO package. Unless you are in a very low competition market, to keep your rankings you have to do SEO all the time.

Our localized keywords such as SEO services Wexford, PPC marketing Wicklow etc are always on the first page. This is because localized keywords are easier to rank for. This means they need less time. Unfortunately, they don’t generate the same traffic as the higher competition ones. In many markets, you can find low competition keywords with a high traffic rate that haven’t been optimized for. Naturally enough, the one area this isn’t true is for SEO :).

Where are Our Testimionals?

Presently, they are only up on our other website – – but we will have them up on this website before the New Year. Recently I was asked by a large multinational had we ever got a business on the first page of Google? My answer?  Call me at 089 479 9227 and find out, or drop me an email using our contact form.

Still looking for our testimonials? Check out the No1 SEO Ireland front page.

good seo company