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How to choose the Best SEO Company!

The BEST SEO Company

Your business needs an online presence but you are aware of the fact that choosing an SEO Company can be a bit like walking through a minefield. A bad SEO company is actually WORSE than no SEO company at all. I will attempt to try to point out what you should be keeping your eyes open for, and what are some of the big NO- No’s in today’s SEO.

I’m just finished trawling through some of Ireland SEO companies, and it is amazing how many of them promote the use of backlinks as the Whole of their SEO strategy.

Googles recent algorithm changes have dramatically reduced the effectiveness of backlinks. While they have limited effectiveness in improving page rank and strength, the best thing about ‘backlinks’ now is the fact that it’s an easy way to eliminate ineffective SEO companies. If they start talking about how much they can do by the use of ‘backlinks’ you know that it’s time to leave.

Following on from this, if your SEO company outsources its work (about 80% of Irish SEO companies do so) then more than likely you’ll be paying for a ‘backlink’ campaign. A pint down the pub and a chat with the barman would probably do you more good and be far cheaper too!


A badly run ‘backlink’ campaign is called Black Hat SEO and may get your site blacklisted by Google.

This can both

  1. drop your site a long way down the rankings
  2. make it impossible to get up the rankings until Google forgives you. An expensive disavow campaign will be in your future.

What Should You be Looking For?

Look for an SEO company that does all its own work in-house and follows best practices in regards to SEO. Most SEO companies will actually have a portfolio of their past and present clients. If not, ask to see a list of their clients and speak with some of them. A quick chat will enable you to decide if they are the one for you or to move on to the next one.

Another little pointer is that a company that understands SEO will have regular posts. This is because they understand how important content is to SEO. They will also be fairly active on Social Media. This is because not only will they be trying to demonstrate what a good social media campaign looks like but also to increase their own online presence. If you can’t get results for yourself how can you get them for other people?

Finally, if a company offers you 1st place on Google tomorrow, well, they are just after your cash! Go for a company that will offer to get you to page 1 on Google within a realistic time frame. They should be able to explain to you what they plan to do to get you there. You should be hearing words like ‘Keyword Research’, ‘Onsite Optimisation’, ‘Improving SEO Content’ or ‘Content Writing’ at the very least. ‘Social Media Campaign’ and ‘PPC’ may be there as well. These are the methods and tools which will be used to focus and tailor your content to reach the first position on Google.

What Can You Realistically Expect From Your SEO Company?

A good SEO company can get you on the first page fairly quickly for low competition keywords. It does take time to rank well on Google for more competitive keywords. What most people forget is the fact that your competitors are already ranking on page 1. They are going to be fighting to keep their spot. Things can get fairly intense between companies for the first couple of pages ( top 20). To succeed at SEO you need to remember that SEO is not a sprint. It is a marathon and training is very important!

You need to work hard at it today. Unfortunately, you also need to work hard at it tomorrow and next week and next month and next year.

For low-intensity markets, Onsite SEO Optimisation can be enough. If you are intending to rank in a more competitive market you will have to upgrade. Backlinks, a social media campaign, and even a PPC campaign as well.

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