Getting Your Business Ready for 2019

Getting Your Business Ready for 2019


Are You Getting Your Business Ready for 2019?

As you can see from the above countdown, 2018 is almost over. How has your business done this year? As well as expected, or a little less so? Are other businesses who offer a weaker service/product outselling you? Do you wonder why? Getting Your Business Ready for 2019 should be at the top of your todo list!

In many cases, this is because the potential client has not seen what you have to offer. This could be either poor search engine rankings or a badly done website.

What Should you be Doing to Succeed in 2019?

There are a few things you should be doing if you want to do better in 2019.

Firstly, if your website is not ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords in your market you are loosing out. There is a whole selection of SEO services which you need in full or in part to get you to the first page. It has been shown over and over that the first page rankings get 98% of the clicks. You need to be there!

Secondly, here is another way you shoule be getting your business ready. If your website does not stand up to present day standards ( such as not mobile friendly) clients will be more inclined to bounce. You have probably heard about bounce rate if you have a website. This is where a potential client clicks into your website and bounces out (leaves) almost immediately. They do this for many different reasons.

  1. Your website is not related to what they were searching for.
  2. Your website is not mobile friendly and with 70% of searches coming from mobile devices you just lost a potential customer.
  3. The layout of your website is not user-friendly and they can’t see what they were searching for.
  4. Your color scheme is hard on the eyes.

How are We Better than Other SEO and Web Design Companies?

At No1 SEO Ireland we can offer you both SEO and website services. By improving the look and functionality of your website and your search engine rankings you can be sure 2019 will be a far better year for your business. If you would like an informal chat, call us at 089 479 9227 . Alternatively, you can email us your details using our contact form and we will be happy to give you a call. We offer a free no-obligation website analysis to all our potential clients and we can give you the name of the tools we used if you wish to verify our findings. We are confident you will duplicate our results.