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Responsive Web design for Gael Scoil Arklow

Gael Scoil Arklow has a new Responsive Web design

The Gaelscoil’s website was based on a very old system which was very difficult to use and update.  There was also the fear that it would crash leaving the school with no website.

Coming to us they had some style issues. While they wanted the website modernized, they required us to keep the feel of the old website. They felt it was in keeping with the school and its ways.

The new website had to be responsive so that parents could easily access information such as book lists, school calendars, etc. on their smartphones.

It had to have the functionality to allow parents to download information in an easily printable PDF format.

They also required being able to update the information on the website themselves. With a seasonable newsletter and regular news updates about school activities, this was of course necessary.

No1 SEO Ireland supplied their responsive web design, easy to use backend and all their other requirements. We even gave a class to the teachers on how to create their own blogs. Thanks to our trainer having both a Masters in IT and the Train the Trainer qualification we can offer this to your company personnel also. Having staff members who understand how to make quick professional changes in your employ can save you time and money. Many companies leave their website unattended for long periods of time. This can leave them vulnerable. Having several members of staff who can keep your website up to date is a great asset.

No1 SEO Ireland offers responsive websites built to a very high standard. As well as being easy to use they come with a high level of built-in security to keep your website safe.

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responsive web design