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Antiqua Print Gallery – Ecommerce Promotion

Antiqua Print Gallery

Antiqua Print Gallery is the latest ‘ SEO Services ‘ client of No1 SEO Ireland. They are a well established English company. They operate both an E-commerce website and a Bricks andAntiqua Print Gallery,ecommerce, selling online, online sales Mortar business. This business specialises in selling antique prints, vintage maps and old lithographs, and engravings covering countries worldwide, and many different subjects.  They came to us back in December looking to increase the number of visitors to their website. They have a specialised E-commerce CMS which needed a small bit of study to fully get to grips with. As we worked with many different CMS, from WordPress and Joomla to several customised ones, this was not an issue.

No1 SEO Ireland is happy to take on the task of improving their website traffic. This will be done by planning a more targeted optimisation of the website. We estimate that sales should start to improve after a few weeks months Over the next few months, the aim is to double the number of visitors to the website. Going from past results this is a very achievable target.

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