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New Website For Doyle Foley Accountants

No1 SEO Ireland has just released the new website build for Doyle Foley accountants. Doyle Foley accountants are based in Gorey and we are always delighted to work with a local Wexford based company. We have worked on websites for English, American and Australian companies but there is still something very nice about building websites for Irish companies.

We entered discussions back in November with DoyleFoley accountants about building a new mobile-friendly version of their website. Of course, Christmas and the end of the tax year got in the way of a speedy conclusion. The new Doyle Foley website was made live on 18th April 2019.

There were several reasons for a new website build.

These included:

  • Needed to be a mobile-friendly website.
  • Website Security could be improved.
  • Page speed loading could be improved.
  • SEO options needed to be improved.

The main one was, of course, for the new website to be mobile-friendly. With, depending on the services being searched for, between 70% – 90% of people using their mobile phones not having a mobile-friendly website is madness!

We also added in new security plugins that block brute force attacks and warn you about where they are coming from. This gives you the choice to block the IP or even the country! If you are a business that only deals locally this is an excellent option.

By adding in a cache plugin we allow the website to load faster. In addition we updated the version of PHP the website was running on providing a quicker load speed and also it uses less data when sending to a viewer. For people on fixed hosting packages, this can save the client from overloading their service.

The faster loading speeds will help with SERP rankings but we also added in an SEO plugin that does its own onsite SEO. By itself, it is not as good as an experienced SEO specialist. We have found though, in many localised business sectors it is enough to gain a company top rankings.

If you are in need of a new website or SEO services you can contact us using our form or call us at 089 479 9227


doyle foley accountants
doyle foley accountants