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website maintenanceIt is no longer enough to build a website and leave it. It is important to update the website so that it looks modern, but most of all, it must look active. If you have no interest in keeping your website up to date how can you expect prospective clients to take it seriously?

Many SME’s  have need of someone to manage their website maintenance for them. What these businesses want is someone who is capable of adding photos and content when needed and when not needed, they don’t have to pay them. This is one of the main benefits of hiring a company to look after your website maintenance. For a fixed monthly fee you can have all your website maintenance taken care of and not have the cost of keeping an employee, when there is not enough work to keep them occupied.Website maintenance will include updating photographic and written content supplied by the website owner, regular backups of website & updating of plugin’s and modules.

A company such as No1 SEO Ireland  understands the necessity of keeping websites up to date in order to lessen the chance of them been hacked, or if the  website is hacked, has an up to date backups from which the website can be quickly restored. In this way you will only lose the work that has been done over the last few days ( depends on the back up frequency agreed).

We also understand the importance in having work done in a timely manner. We will attempt to have all work sent to us before 12pm done on the following working day.

What No1 SEO Ireland allow you to do  is to buy a combined monthly SEO/ Website Maintenance Package. This will be a set number of hours per month divided  between website maintenance and SEO. This gives you the flexibility so that if you need some extra time working on the website one month then it can be taken from the SEO time for that month. Alternatively, if not all time alloted to website management is going to be used, it can be transferred to do additional SEO for the website.

For many SME’s with a brouchure website, our basic €300 monthly package – for which you get weekly backups, plugin/modules updates, bi-monthly website examination of functionality and 2 hours adding in content – is enough. If you have a larger website or an Ecommerce website and need content/products regularly updated then the amount is naturally going to be higher.

website maintenance


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