PPC Marketing for Affordable Google Adwords Campaigns

PPC Marketing No1 SEO IrelandPPC Marketing is where a lot of companies spend most of their advertising budgets. Done properly it can bring in a lot of new potential clients. Also, it does not rely on your SEO company to get your website ranking for the terms you want. You know that if you pay enough your website will be on the first page for those terms! ( This is not true anymore! No matter what you pay, if your landing page is not relevant Google won’t run the ad!)

PPC marketing is mainly about ROI. For a successful PPC campaign, you need a high enough conversion rate that you can afford to pay for PPC and still make money!



Who Uses PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing (or PPC Advertising) is used by a lot of companies starting off who need to be ranked on the first page immediately. Any SEO campaign is going to take a few months to get you to the first page of the search engines. Once there, it can take even longer to move up to the No1 spot. Depending on your business, once your site ranking reaches page 3 or 4 the competition levels start going up rapidly.Your SEO campaign will be competing against other companies’ campaigns and you need to have chosen a company that can out-SEO the rest. This is why you can’t just do SEO once and walk away from it. SEO is a marathon, not a race!

Unless you are bringing out a completely new product or service, page 1 for most businesses will have high competition for rankings.

Some larger companies do only minimal SEO (by their standards). In addition to Onsite Optimization, they use teams for social media and PPC marketing campaigns instead.


PPC Marketing Through Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Content Writing are the most economical long-term solution to building an online presence which will grow your business. Unfortunately, they are not an immediate solution so if you want to be FIRST Today, you need to pay for it!

There are various forms of Pay Per Click which can reduce your spend while still bringing in the clients. It is a case of knowing who your potential clients are and aiming for that customer base.

Most Social media platforms now have their own Pay Per Click engines which can be used by themselves or in conjunction with Google Adwords to get the best results from your Pay Per Click Marketing.

No1 SEO Ireland can plan out a PPC campaign for you.

PPC Campaign Advertising

What goes into a PPC campaign is as follows:

A: Keyword Research

B: Keyword grouping

C: PPC Ad Copywriting

D: Keyword Bidding

E: Monthly PPC Reporting

F: Daily Account Management

G: Identifying PPC Budget

I: PPC AD Geo Location

J: Improving ad relevance


All of the above points are necessary when planning a PPC campaign for your business.  No1 SEO Ireland is the company you need for getting you the best results at the best price.


What is the biggest secret about a well planned PPC Campaign?

This is rarely mentioned by PPC Marketing and Advertising agencies because they don’t want to do it. No1 SEO Ireland understands how to get you the best value for your money through PPC. One of the ways we do this is by improving your landing pages. This increase the PPC ads relevance and so you need to bid less for the same ad rank. The secret is, this will also improve your SEO organic ranking! Most PPC agencies don’t mention this so they can charge for organic SEO as well.

If you would like a well thought out and professional Adwords campaign please call us on 089 479 9227 or use the Contact Us form.

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