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About No1 SEO Ireland

No1 SEO Ireland – The Best SEO Company for you!

Why do we consider ourselves the best SEO company?

No1 SEO Ireland was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a complete Digital Marketing solution.

Our vision is to provide the website design services of a web design company. These web design services would include building a Brochure or E-commerce website, website maintenance, and website analysis.

In addition. this could be paired with SEO services such as are being offered by the best SEO Companies in Ireland.

These SEO services include:

  • Firstly –  Onsite Optimization
  • Technical SEO – Page Speeds, framework etc.
  • PPC advertising( Pay Per Click)
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Organizing social media campaigns

In conclusion, the goal of No1 SEO Ireland is to provide businesses with the choice of either a complete online package where we build, maintain and rank a website, or offer partial packages that suit the company’s needs. We feel that this is what makes us the best SEO company choice for you the client.


Best SEO Company

When Do you need SEO Services?

It has become apparent from research that for a website to achieve maximum results then the SEO research should start before you start to build your website. By building your website structure to most compliment the future SEO onsite optimization practices you will achieve better results.

If your website is already complete ( as it will be in most cases when a client comes to us!),  then adjustments can be made to the framework of the website to make it more search engine friendly. Anyone serious about their online presence will know that with all the changes happening through the SEO world at the moment, now is definitely the time to ensure that your SEO company knows its business and is the best SEO company available.

Too many digital marketing and web design companies build a website without planning its structure first. In this way, they lose the potential of achieving the best search engine results. SEO – in the form of keyword research needs to be included in the design of the website build right from the start. This leads to much better rankings and a much better return on your investment. Your website is there to carry your business forward into the future, and when investing in it, it is important to do it right!


The Face of No1 SEO Ireland

James McCarthy No1 SEO Ireland With several years working for digital marketing companies I am an experienced Web Developer, SEO Consultantand Social Media Consultant. I also have experience as a PPC Marketer,  Logo Designer, and Copywriter. Through operating my own enterprises and with the help of a Masters in IT Management, I understand that every business is different. We take this into account when designing a plan for each business that comes to us. What works for one company may be completely unsuitable for another!

This means is that we can plan and build better websites with higher levels of performance for our clients. The website that No 1 SEO Ireland builds and optimizes for you will be more than just a showpiece. It will help to carry your business into the future. Too many businesses have websites that do not give a return on the investment made in them by their owners.

If you want a local SEO company that offers the complete range of services of an  SEO agency AND the skills of a web design company then you have come to the right place!  – No1 SEO Ireland.