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Website Creation

How is No1 SEO Ireland Different on Website Creation?


No1 SEO Ireland’s website creation is different from most web design companies in Ireland in that we believe in “Content First” websites. This is where we and the client sit down

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and agree on the general design of the website. Before we start to build the website the majority of the content including photographs must be supplied. This is so we can see that the design will suit the content to be included on your website.

When I previously worked making website builds for other companies it was not infrequent for over a year to pass between the first deposit being paid and the website been completed. It was also not infrequent for 3 or 4 separate websites to be built as new content changed the look and feel of the website. By obtaining the content first from the client months can be saved! This is because there are no unexpected changes to be made, leading to added time and cost.

At No1 SEO Ireland we will discuss and as necessary, help plan the content to fit the website.We will recommend different pages and the number necessary to better showcase your brand & your services.

So while this all seems like a lot of work for the client up front, as a result, the amount of time saved to – ing and fro – ing will be staggering. Remember, the sooner your website is up, the sooner you will start seeing returns from it.

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The Benefits of  Website Creation “Content First’” Approach

As you are writing all the content first you can have the same consistent tone throughout
You can target your message much clearer
Your content will be much more efficient and effective
Much easier to keep the website build on time and on budget

The Disadvantages of Website Creation “Design First ” Approach

You will have to try to fit your content into the design.
Alternatively, you will have to rebuild the design to fit the content.
You will have a website that even though nearly finished can’t be put live due to lack of content.
There is a very strong possibility that it will go well over the proposed deadline.