Facebook – Social Media Marketing Platform

Facebook Marketing

facebookFacebook, while seeming to have been around for ever actually came into being in 2006. It has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and used properly, is a great B2C social media marketing tool.

Many companies find that by using engaging content, competitions and Facebook’s own PPC they can quickly build an audience. For Ecommerce shops it is convenient to get a large audience for new products and special offers. Its great for gyms and clubs who want to make the local community aware of services being offered. It is possible to run a business just using Facebook and there are several cases of  people doing this – notable mainly for their success when so many of them fail  – only about  1 in 1000 succeed !

The PPC component of Facebook also makes it very attractive. It is cheaper to run a campaign on Facebook by a large margin. Also instead of using keywords you use demographics. This means that if most of your customers are young men in their 20’s in facebooka given area you can decide to aim your advert at this group only not wasting money on groups of people who won’t buy from you.

It should be remembered that Facebook is a social media platform. If you are planning to use it to advertise you business you must make yourself or a member of staff available to answer questions and make comments as and when necessary for most of the day. Never leave a question or complaint unanswered on any social media!  Not only will this upset the complainant  but will also turn away people who might have become followers and customers.

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