SEO – Onsite Optimisation for Your Website Success

Onsite OptimisationOnsite Optimisation

Onsite Optimisation is the most important of all kinds of SEO and yet so rarely used to its full potential. Onsite optimisation is what the internet search engines use to rank your website when they crawl your website. Every few days your website is crawled by little robots!  Really! These little robots are actually algorithms written by Google, Bing and other search engines that go through your website and depending on what they find will rank your website accordingly.

Some of the things they will be looking for are

  • Titles
  • Relevant content
  • Photos and videos tagged correctly
  • Meta – descriptions
  • Keywords
  • Loading times
  • Internal and external links
  • Age of your site
  • The way your H2 tags are arranged
  • Ease of reading and so on.

What to Look for When Seeking Onsite Optimisation

It is important when seeking a company to promote your website that they have an excellent understanding of onsite optimisation. If not, then their results will at best be sadly lacking. At worse, your rankings will go down!

No1 SEO Ireland is both knowledgeable and very efficient in onsite optimisation and over the period of a few months can bring almost any website to the first page of Google. In some cases, a rebuild of an older or badly made website would be recommended. There is no point in ranking a website that your clients either will not or cannot engage with.

No1 SEO Ireland will optimise each and every part of your website to promote your online presence to its maximum potential. Your website is there to help make a success of your business. If you had a staff member who was underachieving you would have a word that either they improved or you would get them replaced. You need to think of your website in the same way. SEO and especially onsite optimisation is the way to improve it and get it working for you the way it should.

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