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Local SEO for Local Companies

In 2014 Google changed its algorithm to take into account a company’s geological area. This means that where you are located is where you will rank highest easiest. If you are only interested in selling inside Ireland you should use a seo ireland localised seo servicesmore localized SEO Method.  At No1 SEO Ireland we have the skills to get your company on the first page of Google if that is the market for you. This is opposed to a global SEO campaign where a different style of SEO is necessary to get you ranked globally.

Local SEO

No1 SEO Ireland’s first step when optimizing a website is a full website review. This includes a website analysis and an SEO analysis. From these we get the search engine results your company needs so it may grow in the future. Depending on the website, this may involve as little as a small monthly SEO optimization package, or it may involve a supporting web maintenance package also. A large percentage of Irish companies do not sell outside the Irish mainland.

  • Wedding companies
  • Tyre sales companies
  • Vets and solicitors etc

The list goes on. Most SEO companies in Ireland operate on a ‘One size fits all’ kind of SEO. This is no longer appropriate when seeking to place a company on the first page of a search engine. You need to hire an SEO company that can understand your business and where it needs to, dominate!

At No1 SEO Ireland we will discuss your preferred market with you and adjust your SEO campaign to what is the most appropriate approach. If you are a dentist in Donegal it makes no sense for you to be ranking well in Australia. Much better to be no 1 at home in Donegal where someone is looking for a dentist.

No1 SEO Ireland can provide the SEO package that best suits your company needs.

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